Monday, July 29

Awfully Chocolate

It is funny how things have changed. I used to be such a cake hag; my birthdays were let-me-eat-cake parades of sugar, icing and butter (those were the days) and who can forget that one day in Tokyo where the two of us ate sevens cakes in one afternoon

Fortunately for KW, it is a different story these days. After my birthday lunch at Saveur, the mister asked if I wanted cake and I replied, "Maybe..." But I conveniently forgot all about the cake after a much more satisfying cup of kopi (condensed milk, ahhh). 

I guess if you put a slice of cake in front of me, I would eat it for old times' sake; yet I would not seek them out like hounds on a truffle hunt. 

That said, I was pleasantly surprised when a little package of goodies from Awfully Chocolate ( arrived at my doorstep a day before my birthday. 

The Super Stacked Chocolate Cake would be a more intense version of their chocolate cake. Some might appreciate the layering of sponge and fudge but I prefer a more full-bodies cake. A short stint in the fridge sorted out any airy-fairy wimpy issues. 

The very pretty White Chocolate Creme Brûlée tart looked the part of something delectable but all was not meant to be. The frivolous but familiar crack when one taps through the creme brûlée surface was missing; the custard was short of luscious; and the tart felt stale and limp. A victim of time and humidity, I reckon. 

If you are looking for a play in textures, try the Hazelnut Crumble instead. The hazelnut flavour isn't all that prominent but the chocolate cookies base and crumble sandwiching a rich, dark ganache-like filling made for a very moreish treat.

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