Monday, July 22

Drips Bakery Cafe, Tiong Poh Road

A few things at Drips Bakery Cafe (‎) were larger than expected. 

The first being the space. Unlike many of their nearby competitors *cough* fortyhands *cough*,  Drips hardly skimps on seating space. 

The desserts, well, tarts in particular were also pretty sizable too. Each tart was slightly large than the size of my palm (oh to have and to hold!). This means if you were to share them, you won't feel as if you had to fight for the last blueberry with your BF or BFF. 

The attitude. Unfortunately, service was rather and surprisingly emotionless too, given the promise of wide open spaces, natural lighting and a bevy of goodies that teased our self-control  That said, I think we managed to crack a couple of smiles towards the end of our stay. Just barely. 

The display counter is a gold mine of delectable sweet treats but Drips also offers a respectable range of savouries just in case you need to floss out all the sweetness. 

"One of everything..." This is what I would have said if I were sugar-loading for a marathon or preparing for a Vikings (sooo good!) marathon. 

But I wasn't so these were what we shared one Friday afternoon. 

A bread and butter pudding that ticked all the right boxes. The warm dense egginess of the pudding received a shot of texture and puck from a scattering of toasted almond slices and soursh raspberries. 

A heap of raspberries and blueberries, luscious custard and thin buttery tart shell, the seasonal fruit tart certainly lived up to all the hype and ballyhoo. 

A pot of caffiene-free camoile tea soothed our souls and helped pave the way for a relaxing weekend. Love the minion-sized double walled tea cups. 

To visit Drips and not order one of the tarts... well, you would have to question the logic of what you had just done in your free time yeah? 

Dear Chocolate Truffle Cake, I will be back for you. 


muchadoabouteating said...

The tarts are very nice right? So fresh and not too sweet. Ha ha I know I said before. Totally surprised this place really lived up its hype. To think I only have the urge to drop by only recently.

yixiao said...

A pity there weren't figs tarts when we visited :(