Friday, May 10

Ten months on

My little man, how on earth did you become 10 months old in the blink of an eye? I can't believe you will be a toddler soon; I have to start putting together my list of '52 Reasons Why You Don't Need Another Toy' - to be used on a weekly basis. P.S. Whatever grandma gives you is indirectly coming out of your college fund.

Over the past few months, I was feeling pretty darn anxiousunsuredepressed over this thing called Motherhood. Having talked to a few - and very dear to my heart - people, I happy to report I am feeling alot better these days.

Things have not changed much but I have; at least I don't beat myself up over things that don't matter in the long run. It is also helpful to prevent negative thoughts from accumulating as many of these issues are simply First World problems.

To those of you feeling less than happy (with regards to baby, family, work etc), I would like to say, "hang in there." you might be at a very low point in your life but I hope you realize this combination of factors will only serve to make you comeback much sweeter.

Be patient and work your way slowly out of whatever that is keeping you down. For those of you who follow Games of Throne, remember that epic blowyermind scene when Daenerys Targaryen assumes control of her Unsullied army and annihilates her naysayers? Yeah, that will be you soon enough.


Yuu said...

Dearest YX,
Thanks for sharing with us how you have been feeling. Thanks for the encouragement too, it helps! Lets just free our mind sometimes & smell the flowers along the way. Hang in there. Ganbatte ne!

yixiao said...

Thanks Yuu! 💪💪💪