Monday, May 13

High tea at The Landing Point, Fullerton Bay Hotel

Ahh, Mother's Day... Though it gets less flak than Valentine's Day, it is still regarded by cynics as a contrived, commercialized occasion coined by florists and jewelers. Yes, everyday should be Mother's Day but think about it this way: maybe this is this one day created for those who have a difficult relationship with their mothers; this is a day where we can put down our judgmental magnifying glass and be thankful for the sacrifices our mothers made for us. 

Call me an idealist but I really don't think retailers created Mother's Day to sell cards. 

My elder sister booked a staycation at the gorgeous Fullerton Bay Hotel with my parents and we decided to have high tea at The Landing Point as part of Mother's Day celebration. I could get used to this... you hear me, Russell? 

Even with my hands full, I still managed to soak in the seriously awesomemous atmosphere the hotel had to offer. I can't get over how magnificent these mosaic tiles are - KIV for Renovation Phase 2 2021. 

It's Happy Mother's Day for me whenever my hands are free. Really, I don't ask for much. 

And how was the food? I got to admit it was pretty good; it surpassed my expectations but it's not like you will see me return on a monthly basis. A refillable three-tier stack takes center stage and though the selection can be a hit or miss depending on when you go, I love how civilized the place feels as a result. 

Judging by what others had (just Google "Fullerton Bay Hotel high tea"), I would say, we had a pretty spot on selection. *Victory dance with flash sticks*

Top tier: creme brulee tarts and sea salt chocolate caramel tarts

There was an aromatic caramelized vanilla scent found within the creme brulee tart but the custard bore a consistency similar to that of steamed egg. I guess given the surface area and depth, it was too easy to overcook the custard during the torching process.

Uber smooth, rich and bittersweet dreamy, the sea salt chocolate caramel tart was lip-smackingly good! I never understood the appeal of using sea salt for desserts till this tart (and another... and another) crossed my lips. I definitely ate enough of these tarts to join my younger sister on her marathon. 

Second tier: Boston lobster coronets; brie cheese and fruit paste on a wheat biscuits; mini quiche; mini prosciutto bagels; white truffle egg mayo baguettes; smoked salmon on rye; cucumber and ikura sandwiches; and duck confit crepe roulades

The salmon and cucumber sandwiches were staunch classics that would appeal to traditionalists.

I loved how the savoury sesame-seed-studded cone accompanied the sweet and creamy Boston lobster salad swimmingly.

The duck confit crepe roulade was both gamy and luscious, a handsome punch wrapped in a pretty package. 

The brie cheese and fruit paste canapé was a surprise too. Should be easy to replicate this for home parties. 

Egg mayonnaise was a childhood favorite of mine; throw in some truffle and this easily becomes an adult favorite.

Third tier: lemon curd tarts, chocolate eclairs, prune kueh lapis and caneles 

The canele was blessed with a burnt caramelized, and not carcinogen, aroma, as well as spongy innards. 

It's funny that while I'm someone who can live without kueh lapis, I cannot resist prune kueh lapis. 

Filled with a slightly runny lemon curd, these tangy lemon curd tarts were lovely. Slicing into one, the tart shell gives way and hits the plate sooner than you realise. Clinggg! Given a stiffer, more posh setting, one would be wise to exercise greater wrist-traint

Served on the side were some cute little pucks of scones, alongside clotted cream and strawberry jam. 

The classic teatime treat was sadly rather dry, utterly devoid of that melt-in-yer-mouth sensation. I think someone might find them useful for baseball practice.

The Landing Point was surprisingly packed, or maybe unsurprising considering people in Singapore seem willing to part with their dough for some dough and more.

Of course, it being my first Mother's Day made the high tea session a wee bit more special. 

Really blissful to spend a leisurely afternoon having high tea. Happy times.

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