Monday, May 27

kwandy 2013 - Part 1

My brother-in-law KJ and Sandy got married over the weekend! 

And now for the photobomb... 

Traditional pastries from newly-acquired and re-branded Thye Moh Chan were part of the betrothal gift exchange (过大礼).

Pretty bloomin' bunch and I utterly love the color on the Maid of Honour's dress.

One word: Statuesque. 

Four words: Show me the money. 

A sweaty selfie of KW and I. It was warm but not crazy hot and the drizzle in the afternoon was godsend. 

Apart from KW, KJ's other two groomsmen included a couple of his oldest friends. *Wipes a tear and the muggy sweat*

The oh-so-delighted grandmas and their can-do-no-wrong grandsons. 

I'm not kidding, this hugeass pot of flowers, which was up to my chest, was a Muramaki dream come true. 

A quick one with my MIL and her new DIL. I don't know if you remember KW had the calligraphy " 忍" hung in his room (photographic evidence here), but their parents got KJ "勤" which seems particurlarly timely given the grand scheme of things this weekend. Gimme morrrre grandkids, yo!

We look like we were posing for a Prudential / Manulife insurance advertisement. Learn about long-term care and long-term care insurance... 

And babies makes four. 

I repeat: Don't be fooled by this angelic look. Then again, he took his regular 45-minute nap in the morning and obediently ate his lunch despite numerous distractions. So we are good. For now. 

Meow! Sometimes I wish I had laser beams coming out from my eyes too. Just kidding. Not. 

Still my favourite manicure design. On top of my love for neon mint and geometrics, this design is absolutely bang for more buck as it is not obvious when the manicure grows out. Whoop whoop!

Stay tuned for part 2 - dinner at Mandarin Oriental. 

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