Wednesday, May 29

kwandy 2013 - Part 2

The festivities continued at the Mandarin Oriental hotel, where the wedding banquet for newly-weds KJ and Sandy was held. 

My springtime corsage

An Audrey Hepburn moment

We all got a pair of keychains for door gifts - good thing they weren't given salt and pepper shakers. 

Sandy changed into a gorgeous deep red gown for the second march-in. I finally understand why runway models need to be tall. Elegance, honey. Pure elegance. 

Given the number of people who wanted to give their best wishes to the newly weds, my younger sister  was lucky enough to snag a picture with KJ and Sandy. 

Patience paid off as I wait for my turn after the banquet ended. Score!

More flower power to the Mister who gave a touching Best Man speech. 

And of course, we always know how to amuse ourselves. More cam-whoring for he family. 

The parents

The sisters

I have heard nothing but good things about the food at Mandarin Oriental and I'm glad dinner lived up to its expectations. On top of that, the service was seriously good, thanks to our super thoughtful and helpful server San Tian - I dare say I have never met anyone who exuded such happiness and passion for service. 

Topped with cereal dust, the braised pork ribs were tender, not quite falling off the bone, but yielded easily with a nudge. 

Packed with fish-fattiness, the cod fish with terayki sauce was easy to love. The deep-fried carrot shreds provided the requisite crunch which made it hard to say "No, thank you" to the leftover piece. 

The bride was made a fan of chili crabs during her maiden visit to Singapore last year. Though the chili crab with deep-fried mantous wasn't exactly authentic, I think it went well with our overseas guests. It was kinda fun too and beats the bollocks off ee fu noodle any day. 

Hazelnut Royaltine

Oddly enough, there weren't any Asian options for dessert and my in-laws picked the Hazelnut Royaltine during the food-tasting session. I was stuffed by the time dessert was served (and I was dying to do to the toilet but my poofier-than-cotton-candy dress made it a biatch to go to the loo more than once) but I ate up the biscuit base because that's always the best part. 

Someone was rudely awaken during the yam seng. Whoops. 

And obviously, he could not hold still for any pictures...

Until he spots something absolutely perplexing. 

I have learnt very early on, it's best not to clip his wings. Run or tumble along, you mini ball of hyper activity!

A rare serene moment. I got to admit throughout the entire weekend, I kept hoping the bub wouldn't traumatize KJ and Sandy into not having kids. 

Finally, a family photo with the in-laws. Sigh, I love weddings (and they are definitely alot more fun when you aren't the bride). Happy times!


Anonymous said...

your gown is gorg! care to share where is it from? =)))

yixiao said...

Thank you! The Theia dress is from Avana but the 2 flowers are from Accessorize :)

Bern said...

oh yes, your gown is gorgeous!! LOVE it. it's so spring-y!

yixiao said...

Thanks Bern!

Anonymous said...

What a lovely dress! I didn't seem to find any gem the last I went to Avana. If you don't mind sharing, how much did the dress cost? Did you have to do any alteration? Seems like a lot of the dresses there require alteration.

yixiao said...

Hello, I'm afraid I don't know how much it costs as it originally belonged to my mother-in-law. I got it taken in as it was too big and alterations were done at Avana for no additional charge. I agree that things can be a hit or miss at Avana but if you see something you like and it doesn't fit exactly, you can usually get them to alter it for free.
Are you looking for a gown for a particular event?