Wednesday, April 3

The inaugural Vainilla Cake Club

As if the thought of a three-day weekend wasn't sweet enough, my younger sister organised the inaugural Vainilla Cake Club session.

I helped her out with her logo, cake banners and labels. Going for a modern and minimalist look, the 'V' and 'A' represent cakes slices and the 'A' from CAKE symbolizes someone helping him or herself to a yummy slice. 

Modelled after secret supper clubs, we each gave a token donation of $10, which truly is a serious steal for what we got. If I did a similar event, I might have to pay people to eat my cakes instead. 

The theme was 'British' and there were five different flavours up to stuff ourselves silly with. 

"How about a spot of tea?"

This is obviously not a cupcake; obviously a last-minute change in plans.

I love coffee desserts so for me, this was pretty much a straight up no-nonsense cake that I could wake up to everyday. And there are walnuts too... Brain food!

As someone who would rather have bananas over made-with-bananas products, I was surprised by how much I liked the Banoffee Cheesecake. Toffee-drenched bananas nestled between creamy decadence and moreish digestive crust; at the end of the day, I'm all about the crust, honey.

For those who like to keep it airy fairy, there was a Victoria Sponge Strawberry Balsamic Cake.

Love love love orange, citrusy cakes and this was effing delicious. 

So easy to down a couple of these poppers. 

The Sticky Toffee Cake might not look as pretty as the other cakes but it had one thing going for it - an always-warm toffee that begs to be drizzled over any dessert. We ended up drizzling the toffee sauce over everything and were pretty much high on toffee after a while. 

Can't wait for the next Vainilla Cake Club session!


Bern said...

that's A LOT of cakes. i wld hv been stuffed with a few of them. how do u finish them all?1?!??

yixiao said...

Determination and a lot of it.

Yuu said...

So fun! Well done, YY & YX!

yixiao said...

Thanks Yuu!

Michelle said...

oooo that looks like a v scrumptious dessert table spread! did ur sis made everything? she's so talented! wish i was there too haha.

yixiao said...

yes she did =)