Friday, April 5

The bub and the pau

Despite the disgusting heat, it was a lovely afternoon.

The bub has been on solids for a couple of months and it has been quite fun. While it was tricky in the beginning, Russell has begun to show acceptance for more interesting textures and flavours such as Lao Ban tau huay, sushi rice, salmon and roasted chicken. I have always had a vague inkling he prefers real food over baby moosh. 

// Major love for this magazine rack from Urban Outfitters.

// Oyoy! Wish I had those Confetti Cushions =)

// "’s the love for the grind that make the good consistently great." Advice from Thomas Keller and wise words from Mark Wilson.

Have a glorious first weekend of April!


Oysterdiaries said...

I love that quote (:

awww. your kid's really adorable.

yixiao said...

I need to keep reminding myself so, especially when he is uber cranky.