Monday, April 15

The first monthly cook-out // April

It was an incredible weekend! There was much fooding going on especially when Zee and Marcus opened up their home for our first (!) of hopefully, many monthly cook-outs. 

I made a salsa verde lasanga because I wanted to make a lasagna but I'm not a fan of minced beef or tomato-based stuff. Huh?! Yeah, don't bother trying to figure this out. Ridiculously easy, here is THE RECIPE if you want try something same same but different.

Marcus made his, or rather his grandmother's version of sweet and sour pork. Seriously, fried food and me should just have babies. I love my fried food and I'm sure it loves me back by hanging around longer than it should.

He also made a pot of butter and white wine clams... And because we were such pigs, he had to whip up another batch to keep us going.

Zhu brought some rilette and baked lentil chips that I didn't take a picture of due to food coma. My bad.

When I lifted the lid of the cake box, the sweet citrusy scent of sticky orange marmalade cake kissed my pork-stuffed cheeks. It was as if I had opened Pandora's box but the only sin I found was gluttony.

And because we have been brainwashed by PS Cafe that cake has to go with ice cream, pints of Haagen Dazs salted caramel, green tea and choc choc chip were called in to meet this need.

I'm not going to gross you out with how much ice cream and cake I ate. I was so full but having ice cream just makes everything go down easy peasily.

This salted caramel shitz is potent; I inhaled it as if it were my life support.

Pick your poison. You will have to fight the bub for the sippy cup though - you have been warned.

So much happiness... Can you feel the love?

I can't bloody wait for the next monthly cook-out!


Zhu! said...

OMG. The Food! The HOUSE! And the BABY! I'm still thinking about Sunday. Sigh. Best day of that week for me.

yixiao said...

I know... I'm still feeling the post-gathering high!

Michelle said...

wow that looks like tons of really good homecooked goods. where do u pack it all away anw? :)

Zee Wong said...

ah yes it sure was glorious wasn't it <3

looking forward to the next cook-out!