Wednesday, April 10

Nine months on

I almost forgot about Russell's nine-month update, which isn't a big deal since I don't record his so-called development milestones. It was definitely a conscious decision not to do so as I believe it makes new mothers - and the kan chiong spiders around them - unnecessarily excited.

Dear R, lately I've been blogging about things that I hope you read about when you are much older. I hope you understand who I was before I became a mum, what happened along the way that made me the person no longer cool enough for you to hang out with, and what your dad and I hope for you in the future.

Though you have only been around us for nine months, I have learnt so much about life - more so than I did over the past few years, I'll admit.

For now, here is what I would like you to know:

1. You might not have everything you want but when your family is happy and healthy, you have everything you need.

2. We want to leave you with enough to pursue whatever you want in life but not so much that you feel you never have to fight for anything.

3. It's not what you get but what you give that makes you a better person. That said, don't give with the intention of receiving.

At times, I think to myself, if this were my last day, my only regret would be that the bub and I never got to know each other better. Morbid, I know.


Dumpling Love said...

That left a little tear in my eye,'s so sweet and heartfelt. Wishing you and your young family all the happiness and health in life =) I'm sure Russell will grow up to be an admirable and insightful person.

Anonymous said... are so very wise for one so young :)

yixiao said...

I'm just trying to get my act together.