Wednesday, April 17

Home + DIY

So last week, I was lusting over a magazine rack from Urban Outfitters, and KW had a brilliant idea to transform our plain-Jane magazine rack by giving it a fresh coat of paint. We went to Art Friend, got a few cans of spray paint and in a few hours, became proud owners of a sunshine-buttercup magazine rack.

Got to admit I like looking at the pictures within Monocle magazine more than reading the tiny text; it does make for a nifty tabletop when I eat on the couch though.

This is what happens when you are too free and have too many Bon Appetit magazines lying around at home.

You can tell we were on a DIY high yeah?

We even covered the logo of our fan because it was fugly (haha!). I'm in luck as KW is pretty much high on spray paint projects. I can't stop thinking of what other DIY projects we can embark on next.

Nothing to do with the topic - I just happen to love this picture that Zhu sent across on Monday after the cook-out. 


Anonymous said...

kw is a DIY artist, and you are his muse.

yixiao said...

Whoa, muse? I don't know bout that... try Frankenwife.

Anonymous said...

Lol... my first thought when I saw the lovely final pix was... next DIY project????? :P

Anonymous said...

hey where's the sippy cup i packed for him? :-)

yixiao said...

that diy projecy... uh not yet... HAHA
the sippy cup was somewhere on the table lah