Friday, March 29

Chili cheese dogs for lunch

The menu was simple enough - salad and pizza. However, a night trip to the supermarket meant that many essential ingredients were wiped clean from the shelves. We pondered for a while, our thoughts interrupted by fellow shoppers keen to get their shopping done and us out of their way.

The mister suddenly said, "Why don't we make hotdogs?"

Yeah, why don't we make hot dogs?

"Chillli cheese dogs?!" Eyes widening at the thought of buns (not his best look but he did come up with a BRILLLLLLIANT idea).

For the chili, a worthy recipe can be found here. Make lots of it and freeze it for lazy dinners ok? 

Confession time - I felt like a born-again virgin with these Johnsonville sausages. For some reason, with its snappity-snap-snap casing and juicy insides, they tasted seriously good- I can't believe I'm raving over pre-packed process food way. 

There are cheese sausages and then, there are Beddar Cheddar cheese sausages that squirts in the most politically incorrect manner when one bites into them. 

Bar Man Dave brought his goods (and more) and whipped up passionfruit sorbet cocktails for all of us.

I absolutely loved this cocktail! My drink only has half a shot of rum but it was enough to make me weeee-lly happy for the rest of the afternoon.

Sophie was happy to be a part of this as well. 

When Chris and Julie asked what they could bring, we could only think of one thing - mini magnums.  I love the mint-flavoured magnums and am incredibly happy to report we have two unopened boxes of mini magnums sitting in our freezer.

Apparently, after heading home, a couple of our guests knocked out after lunch. Sounds like the effect a great lunch should have.


Bern said...

i love love LURVE johnsonvilles too! so bad for u but soooo good!

yixiao said...

It's ab-nom-mally good!