Monday, February 25

The last (!!!) weekend of February

And it was a good weekend.

A fresh manicure to kick things off.

After brunch with Diana and Zee, I went back home and finished up Suits season 2 aka the-best-kickass-series-of-the-moment.

Donna - #1 favourite character - total bombshell.
Then again, I have a soft spot for redheads. 

Louis Litt #2 favourite character -
half-a$$hole, half-8-year-old-with-mummy-issues

The turnout at last weekend's Public Garden was pretty amazing.
The National Musuem was an awesome pick for a venue and all the galleries were FOC that weekend.


Dunno who sold these but they were pretty much sold out by 5pm on Saturday. 

Too many covetable thingies from Drom.

I contemplated getting a baklava from Overdoughs but it was teeth-shatteringly sweet.

Saw lots of people digging into cupcakes by Plain Vanilla but you know, cupcakes aren't really muh thing... 

Instead, I got a carrot cake from Red Chocolate. Surprisingly light and very yummeh... 

Pretty, no?

But I don't think the bub was too impressed. 

"You either put a ring on it or I will stab you with my necklace."

Took a great deal of self-control to not go crazy over these knick-knacks.

Buay-tahan cuteness pottery

To round up my younger sister's birthday week (yes, that's how we roll), we had lunch at Imperial Treasure Steamboat. 

Three words: sliced marble beef. No wait, char siew soh. Er, hang on, awesome birthday meal.   

The bub, mesmerized by my elder sister. 

He might be an aunty-killer but he clearly needs to work on impressing the girls. 

Eclairs from Maison Kayser were among the many un-pictured sweet things we had for dessert. My mum told us she didn't get the coffee eclair because she isn't fond of coffee stuff, whuuut, I might really have been picked up from the trash can after all. 

The birthday girl with her crown. See evidence from last year

The birthday girl and her beloved Lana birthday cake. 

You know what's funny? I never got the Lana Cake hype; I always thought it was a bunch of cool kids who share a nostalgic love for an otherwise-insipid cake. However, I discovered recently that all our birthday cakes when we were kids were from Lana chocolate cakes. It was such a shock - almost as if I had discovered I had a long-lost sibling. 


muchadoabouteating said...

It was just as shocking for me to know most of my childhood's birthday cakes were Lana's :p mainly because I have good memories of the awesome taste which simply not quite the same from Lana cakes now.

yixiao said...


Yuu said...

Happy birthday to YY.

Dear YX,

What's a typical day for you like? please share with us one day:)

yixiao said...

Hi Yuu, oh dear, I reckon a typical day of mine is so uneventful, it would be a waste of time for you guys to read about it... even if it took just 3 minutes.

Jing Chiam said...

Hi YiXiao! Stumbled upon your blog (after long last) after googling for Tokyo food recommendations. It's such a lovely read! Really enjoyed all the photos of food and your growing family! :), x

yixiao said...

Hello Jing, thank you for your sweet comments.

Are you heading to Tokyo soon? Total green-face envy!