Sunday, March 3

The first weekend of March

Three reasons why this post shouldn’t be titled, ‘A weekend in Penang’:
1. We spent less than 24 hours in Penang
2. We didn’t visit the usual cultural or historical landmarks
3. We didn’t have a list of street food to check off

We visited Penang for kw’s colleagues’ wedding and though I have never visited Penang in my life, I wasn’t that keen on spending too much time away from the bub. 

When I bought these perforated flats, I never realized the holes were heart-shaped and I like them even more for this reason. 

We flew budget, hence the need for a quick lunch before we boarded the plane.

The bridal couple put most of their guests up at Noordin Mews, boutique heritage hotel.

The first thing I usually check out is the bathroom as I'm a sucker for modern bathroom fixtures. Grohe is great. 

Though it was a little out of the way, the hotel was very comfortable and kinda quirky in its own way. 

Tried white coffee for the first time. All I can say is, "OMFG, I have got condensed milk running through my veins!" Could have totally gone for a second cup though that would come with a medical advisory. 

We were warned / informed by the groom that anything can happen at a Penang wedding. For example, random people could just jump onto the stage and fulfill their wildest karaoke dreams; street peddlers could walk around basking newspapers etc. 

Though we were spared from such antics, the sight of two Sarsi bottles ceremoniously displayed right in the center of the table was pretty amusing. 

I don't have a picture of the wedding couple but I had to snap this plate of roasted pig. Boy, oh boy, that was some tasty pig!

Though I didn't take any Sarsi, I stupidly chugged down Chinese tea the entire evening. Lets just say I'm still reeling from 3 hours of sleep on Saturday night. 

Breakfast at the hotel was a simple affair but I was impressed with my egg-white omelet, which if done badly becomes a rubbery slab. Filled with cheese, tomatoes and onions, the omeltte was filling in a feel-good way.

With slightly more than an hour to spare before our morning flight, we walked around the market and I came across this cart selling BAN CHANG!!! Yes, the caps and three exclamation marks are totally necessary.

With delicately crisp edges, the ban chang (Lau See Koon, Jalan Kuala Kangsar) was chewy yet light - something unlike anything i have ever had back home in Singapore. All that pleasure and happiness for RM1. What can I say? I'm a cheap date. 

To top off our greasy morning, we couldn't resist tucking into a plate of Penang char kway teow from Kheng Pin Cafe. Eggy, smoky and utterly glorious!


zee said...

mmmm that ban chang and that char kway teow <3

yixiao said...

Yess morrrree pleasssee!