Monday, February 18

The annual CNY dinner

Once again, to be invited for such an epic meal at Uncle PG and Auntie Chiah Ming, we can't help but count our blessings and lucky stars. It isn't just about the food - which is unbelievably good considering the number of people they have to prepare for - but the warmth and generosity of our hosts and their entire family, which make the meal a near legendary occasion to look forward to. 


This year's lo hei featured not just sashimi but abalone as well. 

"Huat ah!... Huat ah!" A quick toss-up and we were well on our way to a gut-busting journey. 

This annual crockpot of goodies ought to be re-named "Buddha And All The Other Deities Jump Over The Wall." It's filled with sea cucumber, fish maw, napa cabbage, pork belly, scallops and abalone - in other words, decadence at its peak. If I had gone for that third bowl, I would start bleeding through my nose. 

The pig trotter was bigger than Russell's head - and I wanted to kiss it just as much. 

A monstrous platter of char siew, roasted pork and suckling pig. Instead of a heatwave this Lunar New Year, we got the full blast of a meatwave. Bring. it. on.

Just some prawns and spinach... Riiight. Honestly, this meal would put some Chinese restaurants to shame.

I might be Hokkien but I grew up eating - and loving - this xin hua ter car fried bee hoon.

A wave of wows engulfed the table when this beast was brought out. Topped with with deep-fried julianned ginger, the steamed fish was about the length of my arm and super friggin' delicious.

An entire platter of cherrie$. Absolutely stinkin' love... 

An assortment of peeled and sliced fruits. Do you feel like Roman royalty yet? 

Just in case one needed to feel like they were at a Lunar New Year party, there were mini and golf ball-sized pineapple tarts to stuff their cheeks with.

Homemade lychee jelly dessert =)

An entire tray of chocolates to scratch that sweet itch! xoxo LNY 


muchadoabouteating said...

I am a hokkien who grew up eating and loving ter car bee hoon too. Always thought it's a classic hokkien dish.

Joy said...

Dear Yixiao,

Does your Aunt CM do open house?

yixiao said...

hi joy, nah, it's just for family friends =)

Lisa said...

Can your Auntie and Uncle adopt me so I can eat their food??

yixiao said...

I'm still working on getting them to adopt me... KIDDING, MUM!

yixiao said...

PY, i think ter car bee hoon too is a classic hokkien dish but auntie cm's version uses a different kind of bee hoon.

Michelle said...

wow. that's one hugeeeeee feast. everything looks so good. all homemade? so lihai!

Dumpling Love said...

haha your captions never fail to crack me up! Definitely welcome in this headache-y state of mine..hehe.