Friday, February 15

Baby Back + Sweet Potato Hash

Ever since we have had our own place, the one thing kw and I have come to embrace wholeheartedly is housework having our family and friends over. Fortunately, the three-day festive break gave kw an opportunity to catch up with his old friends, Zhongwei and Vernon, as well as Vernon's fiancée, Yiling.

The mister woke up at 7am to prepare the ribs and I must say, this was his best rack to date. 

Though the long days of snacking meant I wasn't hungry by any smack of imagination, I could not resist tearing into a handsome long bone. 

Having a baby in the house meant wet wipes were within arm's length. 

While the mister worked the grill, I turn to my favourite kitchen tool and made a skillet sweet potato hash. Ridiculously easy and crowd-pleasing.

Though I based the ingredients on THIS recipe, I didn't follow the instructions to a tee (which is why I can never be a baker) and it came out great! I will happily take over that empty skillet. 

Towards the end, forks dived in and the skillet was scrapped empty. Music to my ears, I tell ya. 

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