Sunday, February 10

Seven months on - a note about toys

The other day at Early Learning Centre, I felt rather overwhelmed by the selection of educational toys that promised me an Albert Einstein or John Nash of my own.

Fact: Almost 99% of Russell's toys are gifts; the 1% being a squishy ball with bells we bought at 50% off.
Fact: Despite having enough toys to keep the bub busy, we have only scrapped the top of the pile - will eventually donate those brand new toys to children who need them more.

Seven months on, here is a thing or two, I have learnt about toys:

1. Sophie the Giraffe aka The Worlds Most Famous Baby Teething Toy is overrated. She is too chunky and hard for the bub who is currently on a crusade to put everything he can get his tubby fingers on in his mouth. We were given a total of THREE Sophies which led me to think, "Whutt... Are they re-gifts?"

2. Forget toys (and hell no am I going to pass him the iPad or iPhone), here are some things which the bub finds highly fascinating:
.1 Tissue boxes - the more colorful, the better
.2 Old magazines and supermarket catalogues - I can almost hear him say in a basilisk-like voice, "Let me rip..."
.3 Things that make a lot of noise much to his amusement and our bemusement.

3. I have discovered it is pointless to present Russell with a bevy of toys as he seems confused on what to play with first. Instead, taking advantage of his short term memory (might be hereditary), we rotate the ball, rattle and Discovery House. An added bonus: this prolongs our playtime.

4. Minimal effort on our end, maximum effort on his. The bub loooooves to kick, hence we got him a soft ball; all we need to do is hoist him up and roll the ball towards him while he tap dances his way to epic enjoyment. Five minutes later, he needs a break and we get to catch our breath too. 

5. Though I was outnumbered on this decision, I'm pretty glad we got a Dwinguler playmat. It's soft enough for him to take a tumble yet hard enough for him to learn how to crawl and walk. Mileage would be high assuming he uses it till he turns three (yup, I've done the math).

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