Wednesday, February 13

Lunar New Year *dong dong chiang*

Hello hello... Hope all of you had a smashing lunar New year so far!

I got to say, this has been the most pleasant festive season so far, all thanks to the lovely breezy weather and the bub's good behaviour (his first Lunar New Year!).

And now for the photo bomb...

Reunion dinner with my in-laws' side 

Morning after mee sua 

So hard to keep him still... 

"C'mon sweetie, time to work for your college fund. Bring on that auntie-killer smile..."

Finally a decent shot 15 snaps later

Drummin' up a good time 

Fish skin crackers.... New addiction this year

Morning 5am ritual involves popping one of these to stay awake 

Hello, good bye... 

Kueh lapis from Holland Bakery and another delicious version with more than a thousand layers

This tub of pistachio cookies from Kedah Kue Kue was one of the many tubs of cookies we got for my in-laws this year. If you like emping belinjo (like me), you will love their savoury emping cookies.

My favorite goes to these green pea cookies from  Little Nonya Cookies. Can't stop at one... or ten 

Purdy purdy pots 

Hoping for mani happy returns 

Day #1 outfit - florals

Day #2 outfit - florals again 

Some of the best-looking red packets this year

Bub + pug

Hands down the best LNY weather ever

The family photo 

Red velvet cake - an ode to Valentine's Day too =)


Anonymous said...

hello where did you get the kueh lapis from?

yixiao said...

it's homemade and i'm not sure where the source is =(

Zhu! said...

Haha! Love his cheeky smirk. Is he old enough to plaaayyyyy with now? (ie: he won't start snoozing...)

Lisa said...

Baby is so sweet. Looks like a lovely family CNY.

yixiao said...

Zhu, he won't start snoozing but I can't guranteed he won't suddenly have an outburst... Haha

Lisa, very much so ;)