Monday, February 4

Chinese New Year - Are you ready?

I'm not sure what quite happened there.

Dear January, did you just abandon us?

Thankfully, the arrival of February brings about one of the most joyous occasions of the year - Valentine's Day Chinese New Year. 

I am madly excited about Chinese New Year though I must admit I enjoy the lead up more than the actual event. I like buying new clothes more than wearing them (ah, the thrill of the purchase); I like sampling cookies more than eating them for real due to zilch self-control and a propensity to overdose on them; and I like visiting people though I dread motion sickness and making meaningless small talk.

All those First World issues aside, I still love Chinese New Year for all of its ching chong glory. And reunion dinner? That surely is definitely one of the best things about Chinese New Year.


Bern said...

I love love LOOOOVE CNY food. bak kwa (which i've realized that i never crave for until CNY), love letters, that mushroom moss dish, kueh bahulu, pineapple tarts...all YUMS. oh damn, there goes the "get fit and/or lose weight" new year's resolution.

funny self-realization though, i hate CNY decor (coz it's so ching chong cheena-fied), but love Christmas decor. But, i love CNY food, compared to Christmas turkey and ham.

yixiao said...

Me too........!!!

FN said...

Not ready.... feel tired before it has even begun.

sooks said...

my favourite festival of the yr!

yixiao said...

sooks, most definitely!

FN, awww shucks! Maybe you've had one too many pineapple tarts =p