Wednesday, January 16

Four Seasons Duck Rice, Bangkok

Four Seasons Duck whuuut?

Trust me, I did a double take too. Only in London. And now in Bangkok Siam Paragon

Well, guess what I discovered by Day 2 - Man can't live by som tam alone. Really. As a result, we couldn't resist the call of a carnivorous sojourn after discovering Four Seasons at Siam Paragon. In all honesty, I could do with any Chinese food.

Anyway, almost as if we had been rehearsing, we sat down, rattled off our order and waited in ghee, I mean glee. Hallelujah.

The roasted pork belly was sooooo good! It certainly wasn't one of those dainty 3x3 portions made fashionable these days. 

The crackling skin so crunchy you wouldn't be able to hear your dining companions talk while chewing it (double bonus, maybe?).

The roasted duck was incredible as well. I could go on and on about how tender and juicy it was as it truly lived up to its reputation.

The char siew was a little lean but that nicely balanced out the gloriously fatty pork belly.

And the sauce? Yeah, I sure relived some of my favourite childhood food memories by slathering some of that sauce on the internationally-reowned fragrant Thai rice.


stargirl said...

omg i love their roast duck!!

yixiao said...

I must say, I loved their char siew more :p