Monday, January 14

Zen Cucina, Bangkok

After spending the afternoon in bed, I was determined to get out of the hotel for dinner. Done with Thai food, we decided to seek out Japanese food and chanced upon Zen Cucina at Central World.

Zen Cucina is an upscale restaurant by Bangkok standards. We took a good 15 minutes to go through the extensive menu, which featured everything from funky sushi rolls to prized Matsuzaka beef steak. Corporate account, please.

We were impressed from the start: the seared scallop salad was much bang for buck, prominently featuring with plump, sweet scallops.

Though the allure of uni is lost on me, Kw liked his uni, ikura and salmon sushis very much. They were pretty sizable too - though I've always believed sushi should be eaten whole, these were definitely two-bite morsels.

The Kobe beef and tuna belly roll was a rare commodity in the sense that it looked better and bigger than its picture in the menu. Two words: gloriously buttery!

As my tummy was still churning, I decided to go with a simple bowl of tempura udon. Funny how we crave for the most unlikely of things when we are feeling ill. If not for the soggy prawn tempura, this would have been a perfect.

We ordered two additional dishes including a seared Kobe beef roll (!) but the waitress forgot to put in our order for and we decided to skip them as the rest of the dishes were incredibly filling. We had a good meal at Zen Cucina and it even crossed our minds to head back again to try out the seared Kobe beef roll. 

Bookmarked for our next trip!

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