Friday, December 21

Kilo, Orchard Central

I can tell you for a fact that if not for my friends, namely Zee and Diana, I would not bother with hippity hip hip watering holes (though by the time, I do visit them, they aren't that new anymore). I would cower in my Sushi-Tei-and-Imperial-Treasure cave and wonder what Instagram is all about. Kidding. 

One fine Saturday morning, we perched ourselves on the wooden stools at Kilo, which is part of PACT, a three-in-onel concept store ( I found the stuff at K.I.N laughably expensive, but then again, I had just returned from Bangkok where everything is laughably cheap.

The food at Kilo is surprisingly good. I use the word "surprisingly" as the food looks like spa cuisine but they taste nothing like bird food or something served after a colonic cleanse.

The flavour profiles lean towards Vietnamese, Japanese and Middle Eastern (boy, do I sound like a judge on Top Chef), resulting in flavors that were robust and refreshing.

I -swallows drool- loved the salmon avocado sushido. It was kinda like eating a sushi burrito lovechild and we all know mixed kids are the cutest right?

Served with soy flaxseed chips which made the meal 20 times healthier. Yay!

Though they had a brunch menu for the menu, only three items were available and one of them was the shakshuka. If you are hot about warm-your-belly breakfasts, this dish has your name written all over it. 

The honey pork bahn mi consisted of sweetish pork slices lovingly encased in a toasted soft bun; and the addition of daikon and carrots prevented it from becoming a post-lunch drawl.

If there were a dish that could get me started on eating lotus root, Kilo's lotus root salad would be it. Dressed in a pleasing roasted sesame sauce, the crunchy lotus roots, along with sugar snap peas and cherry tomatoes, made for a beautiful and satisfying green salad.

Planning my next visit soon! 


Lady J said...

This looks good! Went to the Kilo at Kampong Bugis and thought it was just ok. I should prob give this a try. :)

yixiao said...

Hope you have a great time too!

Zee said...

Ah, good tasty memories of our meal there :-)) let's go again soon!