Sunday, December 23

Christmas Party 2012 - Part Un

This was a grate great weekend! We hosted our now-annual Christmas party with some of our favorite people in the world. As usual, there were lots of pictures taken during the calm before the storm, some food pictures that trickled off after the feasting began and zero human pictures taken by myself.

Xmas berries? 

Getting ready... 

Happy times await. 

Watashi tape makes for great last-minute decor. 

Red cabbage, walnuts and dried fruit 

Roasted brocoli, cherry tomatoes and toasted almonds 

Chip Junkies R Us

One of the many many pizzas we made that evening =)

Vanilla coconut cupcakes made by my younger sister. Mini ones, minimal damage even if you pop three of them in a go. 

The lightest and most delightful logcake, Glacé Nöel, from Patisserie Glace. All thanks to my elder sister!

Homemade chocolate chip, rice kris and marshmallow cookies from Rachel. Boy, am I glad she lives down the road. 

Se-wret Santa xoxo

Two more days to Christmas!

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