Monday, November 26

Weekend #47

It had been a quiet weekend as most of us at home leaned heavily towards one side on the work-life balance scale.

So tis was Thanksgiving week. While it was an occasion we didn't participate in, there was plenty of things to be thankful for.

I'm thankful the Mister didn't balk when I dragged him out of bed on a non-working Saturday for breakfast at Serangoon Food Centre.

Curry puff from PK Express plus black coffee maketh for my favorite breakfast. Like most days, I feel as if I can't get the day started without getting some grease in my system

I'm thankful for homely Japanese food.

Served on a stone pot, this baked beef curry rice means business - nap-inducing, food-coma delicious business.

I'm thankful for simple satisfaction aka grilled salmon head. It has been like what... 72 hours?

A steamboat dinner at my parents place makes me as happy happy as a clam. My tastebuds have clearly not evolved as quickly as it should as I helped myself to artificial crabsticks and mystery meatballs.

I will gladly lay off the expensive beef sukiyaki and abalone if you hand over the frozen CP shrimp wantons.

I'm also thankful for $2-heaven Daiso for allowing me to flex my DIY gift-wrapping muscles. That, by the way, was a farewell gift for our Swede guest, Alex.

The #1 thing on the list of 20 Things Life Is Too Short To Tolerate - People who bring you down. TRUE THAT.

Have you guys seen Veep? Not my favorite sitcom but funny enough. Try not to watch it around kids though as they drop the F- bombs like nobody's freakin' business.

Ok I'm starting to ramble...

Just if case you are suffering from a case of the Monday sky blues, we are less than a month away from Christmas!

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