Friday, November 23


Our trigger-happy world is separated by two groups of people: those who lug around their phat DSLR slash pro-sumer cameras, and others who heavily rely on their phone cameras slash Instagram.

Doesn't take a nuclear scientist to figure out which camp I belong to huh?

Inspired by Lady J herself, I made some Stickygram magnets for my family because we are seriously missing pictures of the bub at home. The ordering process was painless and the shipping turnaround was surprisingly short (free shipping, yo!).

Ta-dah! No prizes for guess what the common topic is.

Happy to pass on the love so email me if you would like the discount code. Have a great weekend ahead!


vivian chan said...

Hey me want promo code. Can send over to Thanks!

yixiao said...

Email yah!

Lady J said...

Spreading the love :)

Michelle said...

this is seriously so cute! :D