Wednesday, October 3

ABC Chicken

This opening paragraph took forever to write. I kept getting distracted - with side projects, skillet recipes, the boob pump, the premiere of Good Charming Belles...

Riiight, where were we? Ah yes, ABC chicken...

So last weekend, I summoned enough courage to contribute not one but two dishes for dinner with kw's family. In case you haven't noticed, I have a phobia of cooking slash baking as everything I touch doesn't exactly turn to gold. And what can be more intimidating than prepping food for your in-laws discerning family? Did I just dig my own grave? No silly, of course I brought my immunity card - Russell - along for dinner.

I used THIS Really Good Oven-Fried Buffalo Wings recipe from Serious Eats to prepare the wings. As they are baked in the oven, instead of deep fried, they don't feel quite as heavy unless you eat a dozen of them. That is, if you can handle the heat.

For the sauce, I adapted from THIS recipe using ABC chili sauce to replace Sriracha. Well, adjustments had to be made as I couldn't find Franks Hot Sauce and Sriracha. I doubled everything in the recipe except for the ketchup so I was afraid it would be too sweet. It was well .... some like it hot. You wouldn't think much of it at first but the spice creeps up right after you proclaim to be safe for kids and the elderly.

Apart from contributing a likeable dish, you can numb the tastebuds off silence your critics if they can't take the heat. Kill two birds with one stone? Sign me up, please.

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