Monday, September 3

Weekend #35

With thoughts of a vacation in Japan filling my head, the sweet potato and apple roll from Donq Bakery was a befitting start to Saturday. 

Happy 7 weeks old! 

Zee's belated birthday brunch at Kith Bistro offered good laughs and conversation. 

All ready for her iPhone 5?

A walkabout in Garfunkt made my heart sink but my wallet sing at the same time. I will be back. 

There is always a curry puff to drown your sorrows in. 

When alpha personalities make up a good percentage of your family, dim sum is a win-win situation for everyone.

Took the new dress out for a spin, perhaps reflecting my inner desire to just sail away. 

All ready for his hugathon. 

This weekend hasn't been the easiest but there is always the next one to look forward to. 

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