Friday, August 31

forty hands

After lunch at Big Mama’s, we had to walk off lunch badly and wandered into forty hands for a caffeine fix. Tight, severely crowded and pretentious though the friendly girl manning the cashier did kinda redeem the overall vibe. We had walked into The Brunchy Bunch but were lucky to snag the last table for two in the outdoor seating area.

A connoisseur of coffee I am not but I enjoyed a robust brew that didn't have a lingering acidic aftertaste.

Of course not content to just do coffee, we needed something sweet since we don’t usually drop by this area. I was deciding between the chocolate toffee cake and ricotta cheesecake when I suddenly remembered they are known for their tau sar paus (red bean baos).

The thinnish smear of tau sar was befitting of a bun this light and pillowy. I must say that flatter and softer than a regular tau sar pau, this bun reminded me of a post-pump boob more so than a provocative hot bun on their poster.

It was tasty and at $2.50 a pop, frankly, not sustainably expensive. However, the hype surrounding it is as sound as the hipsters who hang out there. Strictly for those who went to college in the States and now speak Ah-meh-ree-ken English.

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Bern said...

Really really REALLY annoying when someone goes for an overseas stint (be it for work or studies) and comes back with a ridiculous foreign accent! Worst are those who do a 6-month exchange and come back with one! If you can put it on so fast, surely you can take it off just as fast. Speaking well doesn't mean putting on a stupid dumbass foreign accent.