Friday, August 10

One month on

I would not lie and say, "pregnancy is the most beautiful thing that ever happened to me" or "motherhood completes me". But having a kid has been ... enlightening.

My dad the unabashed guru of many self-derived philosophies printed out a bunch of parenting reading material from Yahoo! Lifestyle. Topics range from '10 Things Parents Shouldn't Say To Their Kids' to 'How To Talk To Your Kid About Failure'. Hilarious but sweet of him to do so! Sidenote: Who else still visits Yahoo!?!

My surprisingly grandmotherly mum loves coaxing the bub to sleep. Apparently he is the only one in the family who appreciates my mum's singing - what a way to score with "po po," sneaky little bugger.

I visited Zara and H&M a week ago and left empty-handed. Seems like the rest of the fashion world didn't get the memo and aren't getting jiggly with me. Drowned my sorrows at Daiso instead.

Oh, I have also mastered the skill of balancing the boob pump on my arm, thus allowing me to type with both hands. #Multitasker #Rio2016

This is where I start to sound really stupid and all I want to do is dig a hole and bury whatever I said during the bub's first week at home. 

Initially, I was adamant that I wasn't really cut out for this confinement shenanigan. I felt and still feel the practice is more about rituals traced back to the days when women were second-class citizens and these days, doing what OTHERS think is good for you. 

The only two things I like about confinement are red dates and longan tea (wish I could build a tap just for it) and the herbal bath (which makes me feel as if I'm bathing in unsweetened chin chow - hey we all have our undiscovered fantasies). Thankfully, my mum and mother-in-law are the modern-working-woman type so they don't expect me to blindly follow those rules and regulations.

When we first brought the bub home,  I was determined to be super hands-on and surviving on three and a half hours of sleep every night during the first week was easy thanks to an abundant supply of adrenaline. However, I soon grew cranky, wondering why I was the only one constantly awakened throughout the night when everyone else was sound asleep in slumberland. I think there was when I decided to admit I couldn't do it alone.

She had style, she had flair, she was there, 
 That's how she became the (Confinement) Nanny.

The bub's feeding and sleep schedule is still a bit effy (actually, er, what schedule?). We have been trying to stretch his night feeds and will hopefully achieve longer night sleeps before the confinement nanny leaves. 

Frequent bottle feeding also means the bub's growing big time... Outgrowing his socks, mittens and potentially some unworn onesies over the next few days. Somedays, I don't even think he looks like a baby and more like a little boy capable of running amok if given the chance. 

Happy first month, R. I look forward to the day you start smiling because you are genuinely happy and not because of some facial twitch.


Christina said...

I rarely comment here, oh well, actually just once :-) but I should chime in here. This particular post brought back memories of zombie feeling during my own first month with newborn almost 4 years ago! I did a little digging back then and apparently, women in ancient China used to have to travel some distance between outdoor bathrooms and their houses. Made them prone to illness after giving birth, I guess, with the wet hair and etc... Ergo the confinement solution - no blowdryers! Alot of which doesn't apply to today's attached bathroom world. Trust me, it gets much better after 18 months! :-)

yixiao said...

Thanks Christina !