Monday, August 13

Scenes from weekend #32

After going through a bunch of options for the first month gift, we decided to do it our way.

My MIL perfected the glutinous rice on her third try, my FIL dyed the red eggs. and they ordered ang ku kuehs from Poh Cheh upon my parents' recommendation. FYI, 146 Jalan Bukit Merah Famous Ang Ku Kueh and Ji Xiang Confectionary were considered and eventually eliminated as my in-laws felt Poh Cheu was better.

No prizes for guessing who suggested getting the packaging from Daiso. 

Along with the traditional nibbles, we also gave out mini lava cakes from Smoulder ( Great customer service really amped up the overall pleasant experience of ordering this bite-sized treats.

Remember this hog? The roasted pig from Tiong Bahru was da bomb at our wedding and my FIL ordered a couple for Russell's full month dinner with kw's extended family.

To quote Adam Richman completely out of context, "this one requires crowd control." From me, my jaws and ten fingers. You know something is seriously good when you forget to chew. There were leftovers but we didn't take any home. Why?! I need to talk to kw about this.

Blissfully unaware of the hoopla surrounding his first month stay on Earth.

En route to monthly check up at the pediatrician. Kid absolutely loves car rides. Dad, mind taking him with you when you cruise around with the pugs?

Over the past few days, I have ingested enough ang ku kuehs to last me till my next kid's first month celebration. Hypothetically speaking, of course.  

Ditto for glutinous rice.

We decided on catering for dinner from Eatz Catering with my side as ... well, have you seen the size of my extended family-ly-ly? Yes, that was an echo.

The laksa from the live station was pretty good but that was probably the only thing worth noting.

To cut the long story short, the rest of the dishes were pretty ho-hum.

The long story: The Korean Style Bulgogi Beef, Korean Honey BBQ Chicken, Nonya Chap Chye and Slice Fish Fillet with Dried Chilli & Cashew Nuts were covered in similar, homogenous brown sauce; and a dish I was looking forward to - Prawns with Oat Cereal - failed to deliver - the prawns were unshelled, thus making them a bitch to eat. Oops, can I use the b- word for my kid's party?

At least, dessert was fly. Strawberry Shortcake, and homemade red velvet and vanilla cupcakes.

Nothing fancy smancy. This is JUST his first month party after all, I'm not about to set an insurmountable benchmark for ourselves.

Done with baby talk. Hope you have a sparkly week ahead!


Lisa said...

Your baby is so cute!

yixiao said...

thanks lisa!

Anonymous said...

The packaging for the red egg and glutinous rice you bought from daiso?

yixiao said...

Yup :)