Sunday, July 22

Weekend #29

Charlene and Nadia came visiting

Bearing gifts from Wafflicious =)

Luckily he was on his best behavior. 
How can such an angelic-looking bud 
rue us terror during his first week at home? 

I guess big things come in small packages 

Got his and her haircuts. 
Well, they aren't alike but we did visit the salon together. 

Everyone keeps saying how tall the bub will be when he grows up. 
I wonder how long it will take for him to catch up with his dad. 

Birthday lunch at Imperial Treasure Super Peking Duck. Good times. 

The bub also took a ride in his Aprica stroller for the first time. 
We got the stroller when he was supposedly a girl; 
thank goodness for the unisex design!

You have no idea how happy it makes me to slap on some make up,
and get out of my drab by milk-stained t-shirt and shorts uniform.

Grandpop, pop and mini pop =)

Bottoms up for the lovely weekend!


muchadoabouteating said...

Russell looks so beautiful and alert. Gorgeous baby boy. Btw i start to swear by 6 degs of separation. You know Charlene k too gosh.

Anonymous said...

HI congrats!

btw, luv ur cream/peach bag..where u get it?

yixiao said...

Hey py, charlene and I go all the way back to primary school :) how do you know her?

Anon, my bag is from Givenchy :)

Yuu said...

Hi YX!! You look gorgeous!!!!

yixiao said...

Yuu, instagram makes everything (one) look better!

muchadoabouteating said...

I agree with yuu. You don't look a teeny wheeny bit like u have just popped! How did all the extra kilos disappear so fast? I knew her from jc :)

yixiao said...

Perks of having someone tall take your picture :)

Charlene and I went to the same jc too :p

Anonymous said...

congrat. u slim down fast. :)

yixiao said...

Still a wee bit more to go but thank you for your encouragement :)