Sunday, July 1

A postcard from my childhood - Penang buffet at Princess Terrace

When we finally got around to cashing in some credit card points, one of the things we redeemed were Millennium and Corpthorne dining vouchers. Naturally, one place popped into my mind: Princess Terrace Cafe at Copthorne King's Hotel (, the First of His Name, Stalwart of Penang Buffet.

The last time I came to Princess Terrace on a weekday, there were lots of  corporate dwellers gathering, celebrating birthdays, farewells and whatnots. This time round though, the restaurant was surprisingly 60% full during lunch on a Saturday - then again, prices have stealthily increased over the past few years and it is hard to justify paying $40.80++ a pop for hawker/ street food.

Anyway, I zoomed in on the stuff I really liked plus a few others that looked positively tantalizing. Good thing there weren't hordes of people dashing for the Penang char kway teow when it was brought out. The braised pork belly and spicy braised chicken were pleasing but the prawn paste chicken was woefully mild.

Shades of auburn and autumn

Apart from the sketchy turmeric curry fish, the other stuff I took were tasty enough. Love the pork satay! After a couple more runs of satay and char kway teow, I pulled myself away from the savoury section for desserts.

Got to admit Bengawan Solo has ruined us for kuehs, especially our favorite the kueh salat. The tau huay is smooth enough but shades off Lao Ban Beancurd and pretty 'holey' for some reason. Almost wafer crisp and warm to the fingertips, my peanut and kaya mee chang kueh was oh-so-terribly tasty!


Bern said...

I always takeaway their char kway teow, curry chicken and satay! It's totally yummy right?

yixiao said...

oh totally! =)