Thursday, June 28

Second time baking with Sarah

Given how much fun we had with Sarah at our last baking class, I couldn't wait to slot in another baking session before the bun in my own oven pops. This time round, we tried two different recipes - a savory camembert and walnut bread as well as a lemon blueberry loaf cake. 

Can you smell summer in the countryside? 

Camembert cheese bread 

Lemon blueberry loaf cake 


While waiting for our bread and cake to bake, Sarah treated us to a home-baked treat of hers - the loveliest chocolate and chestnut torte that was rich, moist and almost pillowy.

It was a real coincidence as we had brought over a buttery marron pie from Flor Patisserie to share. 

Momo strikes again!

Fresh out of the oven: our lovely lemon blueberry loaves 

A quick drizzle of lemon glaze ... Don't they remind you of Prabal Gurung's Spring/ Summer 2012 collection?  

On Monday, to accompany a drizzly afternoon, I warmed up a slice and savoured every bite of its accentuated tanginess. After polishing off the first slice, I warmed up another and thanked the stars we passed on the other loave to kw's parents.



The wait for them to cool down sure was agonizing!

Ahh, finally we got to sink our teeth into our rustic walnut and smokey babies. These loaves didn't make it past the two-day mark. 

One more day to the weekend, lovelies!

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muchadoabouteating said...

Everything looks beautiful. I want to eat all of them