Monday, July 2

Weekend #26

Happy July aka Birthday Month!

Though the cakes at Marmalade Pantry are pretty dismal (yes, that includes their cupcakes), one can still find the extremely fwuugy and scrumptous chocolate fudge cake at TOAST. This apple cinnamon pie was moreish with generous apple slices and a thin buttery pastry.

I have no idea how they do it but their ice lemon tea is seriously good! I feel weird raving about such a simple beverage but I really do find it bafflingly good.

After tea at TOAST, my MIL and I attended a Chanel makeup and skincare workshop. No idea what to expect as it was my first time attending such an event but it was so fun and frivolous. Is it just me or do you find it hard to take the French seriously, especially when they are trying their best to sound oh-so-serious about rouge and eyeshadows?

For someone who usually takes about five minutes to slap on some moisturizer and makeup, this workshop was an eye-opener (false eyelashes not included). Did it make me a Chanel cosmetic convert? Well, almost ... as my pockets aren't deep enough to match my conviction.

The Din Tai Fung at Marina Bay Sands has a decidedly touristy feel (duh) but these pork and prawn dumplings and dry sesame noodles were a familiar favorite.

A very early birthday 

slash baby present

A bunch of friends over on Saturday for an afternoon tete and I bought some nonya kuehs from the Takashimaya food fair, thinking having just returned from the States and Europe, they would prefer something local =)

Presents for the bub: a super cute onesie and sushi (!!!) stroller cards

Do you still believe in horoscopes? I don't but this week's (for Leos) sounded hopeful and I'm sticking to it. 

Cute notebooks but FYI, it should be Normal, Express and Special. 

Getting ready for mac & cheese party at Zee and Marcus's place. Grating the cheese did ruin some of my nails but it was totally worth it - and more. 



Winz said...

is that a givenchy pandoraaaa?

yixiao said...

Yupppp :)

Winz said...

naise :)

yixiao said...

Thank you!