Tuesday, June 26

Fri-date at Itacho Sushi, Plaza Singapura

It was a good weekend. In fact, the weekend came early as I got to have a weekday lunch date with the Mister and we lunched at Itacho Sushi (www.itacho.com.hk/) out of convenience and a hankering for Japanese food.

A quick snapshot of some of the things we had:

I had in my mind this 'mentai plus baked stuff clams equals deliciousness' equation when I ordered this baked crab. A pity the crab-mushroom ratio was way off and the mushrooms proved overwhelming after while.

A meal at Itacho Sushi is, of course, not Waku Ghin material but they are a lot less offensive than what other sushi chains serve. And hey if you order the right stuff like this grilled yellow collar, a meal at Itacho is hardly worth complaining about.


I'm using up my street cred raving about this grilled fatty salmon. Yeah that's me, gangsta blogga from the block. 


Aburi roasted dorsal fin and fatty salmon sushi - you have got to try these! I don't usually dish out much credible life advice but trust me on this one.

With all that omega-3 goodness in my system, nothing beats a meal where one leaves feeling invincible, in a come-what-may way.

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