Monday, May 21

Silk - Mum's Mother's Day lunch

I should have blogged about this earlier as it happened over the Mother's Day weekend but to paraphrase the cliche saying, Mother's Day should be everyday, no?

Initially, short of belting out 世上只有妈妈好, my sister and I wanted to treat mum to lunch but she suggested lunch at the club so 'Bestest Mother's Day' plan fail.

Nonetheless, we had a jolly good time with loads of dim sum. Very impressed with their har gow; char siew polo buns were yummeh; juicy lucy steamed pork ribs; pleasing chili oil wantons  ...

And the very auspiciously priced $168 roasted suckling pig. I'm not a pork person so I just hogged half of it. I swear the bub gained 0.5kg from this over the weekend. #Satisfied

We are a family of fried rice lovers. Ordered a 'Large' portion of crispy fried rice - no two ways about it.

Earrings for mum. Will be borrowing them, kthxbye.

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