Friday, May 18

BÉBÉ CHÉRI - a baby shower

According to this article on Babble 'Baby Shower Etiquette (for Moms-to-Be),' I flouted the first rule by planning my own baby shower. But why not? I l-o-v-e planning parties and I am a bloody control freak who would drive the organiser of my baby shower nuts <--- Now, that would be tacky.

But of course, I didn't do it alone - where is the fun in that? Yang baked cupcakes, Diana was the (hunger) games planner and Zee who could easily appear on any street style blog was de facto photographer for the afternoon.

Hello Russell!

DIY buntings

Flowers + Ikea vases + Canvas placemats

Even kw was surprised I made these. HARHAR!

Tea party~

Food theme: Mini Me

Mini quiche lorraines and mushroom from Delifrance - tasty and pleasantly presented

Mini assorted canapés also from Delifrance - these were surprisingly polished off

Mini coconut cupcakes with baby-themed fondant made by my sister 

Don't you just love the brown polka dotted cupcake wrapper?

Mini pints of customized ice cream from Christy's cafe, Yesterdae 
Russell - vanilla ice cream with caramel and Synder's Honey Mustard ice cream. Weird but works =)

Instead of toys,  I requested for books as gifts and my guests readily bought an assortment of books for the bub. Such beautiful books! *Nerd moment*

The awesome gift display

The bub has no choice but to rock the blue + nautical + stripes look  

Too cute!

All for the bub!

My elder sister and cousin, Celia posing with their gifts

Balloons my elder sister brought =)


All geared up for Oktoberfest

A gift for the mummy-to-be

It was incredibly sweet of auntie chiah ming who thought this would come in handy during my confinement period. I must say I don't think I will be that disciplined but this gift pack will definitely be put to good use!

Admiring er, baby girl outfits that my mum bought when we first thought I was expecting a girl

The lawyer and lawyer-to-be


Zee in neon

Love this photo of Diana and Zee

The luckiest boy in the world

By the way, thank you to each and everyone of you for your emails and comments. You have no idea how much I look forward to clicking on the "Awaiting Moderation" tab when I come across unread comments. Do say "hi" if you drop by and make the most out of a wonderful weekend :)


Anonymous said...

Awww man, so cool! Cant wait for your baby boy's arrival! I always thought you've only 2 sisters & there's 3 of your at home, so there's total of 4 of you? Cool beats!


Anonymous said...

just a regular reader who stumbled upon your blog while looking for nice blogs with good food. =) been reading your blog time to time , usually when i have pockets of free time during the day. congratulations to your pregnancy !

mysterymeatballs said...

hi yixiao, what a lovely shower! such thoughtful gifts for you and your lucky little bub. wishing you a smooth remainder for the rest of the pregnancy :)

tomi said...

Hmm at the Chanel goodies :) All the best for you and bub!

Lisa said...

Lovely party - such sweet friends you have.

Anonymous said...

walau damn poor thing baby got no toys only books!

yixiao said...

Thank you all for your lovely comments!

Anon, the last thing I'm worried about is a lack of toys for this "first grandchild".

Anonymous said...

hi , where do you shop for your maternity wear ?

yixiao said...

hi anon, i usually shop at the usual stores eg zara etc. i'm planning to blog about maternity wear soon as i have received a few enquiries about it =)

Cheryl said...

babe! you are glowing! and my gosh, just 8 more weeks. bet you are superduper excited. i am so happy for you! looking fwd to seeing your adorable lil new born! :)