Monday, May 7

M... Weekend #18

M is for May, Mother's Day and meatballs lunch.

M is for Monday too ... ok, not that we needed to be reminded.

We had a simple family lucheon at our place on Sunday. My younger sister prepared the balls, and we supplied the bread, cheese and salad. Teamwork. She used this recipe just in case you are interested.

Meatballs have never been a huge thing in my life. It was always a side dish, an accompaniment ... you know, the supporting role. I don't even make it a point to have meatballs when I'm at IKEA. Heh heh. But that very Sunday, these meatballs, which were almost the size of golf balls, were a hole in one!

We got a bunch of breads - ciabatta from Peck, a loaf of Gardenia focaccia and some onion and coriander rolls as well as pumpkin rolls from Cedele. 10 minutes in the oven and the breads were all warm and toasty, smothered in a blanket of cheese.

Hello sunshine-coloured cheddar!

Foccacia so good you can eat it on its own but never hurts to include some mozzarella cheese.

The night before, I threw together a 5-dollar-5-minute red cabbage salad which involves a very complicated recipe of slicing half a head of red cabbage, dunking in half a bottle of Italian dressing and leaving it to soften overnight. A zesty, garlicky side to the balls and carbs.

They look rustic but were incredibly smooth on the inside. I certainly surprised myself by eating them straight out of the pot. Classy.

A meatball sub worthy of the weekend!

To end off, we had some ridiculously moist and spongy peach and red velvet cupcakes that, yup, my younger sister made.

Hope you had ballsy weekend too!


Anonymous said...

hello! i read from your twitter your sis just opened a nail bar. what is the name of the nail bar and where is that? I love reading your blog!

yixiao said...

hey there, it's called Amber The Nail Bar and it is located at icon village (tanjong pagar). i will be blogging about it soon.
thank you for visiting =)