Wednesday, May 2

A few of my favourite things

I resisted the urge to click on the newest emailer from as I once read, If you are not happy now, you will not be happy anywhere. So why not just stay put and do things that make me happy?

Impromptu family bonding time over Sunday brunch. A celebratory meal for my younger sister who had recently removed the shackles of exams.

Maybe it’s the company, perhaps it’s the display of towering cakes or the excessive floral spectacle but very few places can top PS Cafe at Palais Renaissance in terms of ambience.

A brunch burger that will last you through lunch, tea and maybe dinner. Yeap, not forgetting those truffle fries that were swopped at birth the fryer.

Fried chicken with steak fries. Don't worry Miranda, your reign at Victoria’s Secret is secured.

Banana cake liberally doused with butterscotch sauce. The operative word here is “liberal”.

Dim sum at Imperial Treasure. Yay! Queueless as we had lunch ridiculously early at 10.45am. Double yay! Even the service felt less rushed as our server told us to take our time to go through the menu. Unheard of in a smallish dim sum joint, no? Twin combination of roasted duck and char siew. Now that's what I call a win-win situation.

Move like Jagger, jive for chives? Get ‘em steamed Beijing dumplings pronto.

Chicken feet.

Pig's liver cheong fun. As you can see, we aren't the squeamish type when it comes to animal parts and dim sum.

We passed on our beloved char siew soh as the meal was quite filling. Well, 3 minutes later, a louder craving called out to me - hum chin peng. Downed it like an ah pek with an order of kopi o koseng.

Harvey Spector and Solero Split - partners for life.

Bonjour multifrain toast + lemon curd from Wilkin & Sons. You can tell how lazy I am, can't you? Using kitchen paper towels instead of a proper plate saves me about 45 seconds of washing time.

Allow me to indulge myself with a self-taken picture of my new 'do. That's my younger sister in the background. She has found a comfortable (and regular, if i may add) spot on our couch.

Embracing the drizzly afternoon.


❥ becs said...

Haha you're not alone in the laziness department, I like using tissue paper instead of plates too! Saves dishwashing liquid and water too. :D

P.s. have been reading your blog for quite some time but this is the first time i'm leaving a comment (guilty), I just wanna say keep up on blogging! Fashion & food are definitely a good mix :)

yixiao said...

Hey becs, so sweet of you to be so reassuring :)