Wednesday, May 9

The Awakening of Amber

My elder sister is a towkay!

And we celebrated with food and in style!

Last Saturday, sleepy Icon Village was ambushed by friends and family (of the non nail-clawing sort as we are too vain to chip them) for the opening of Amber The Nail Bar (

Beautiful flowers from friends, families and secret admirers (you never know). Those were the ones that made it into the store and there were many more standing banners lined up at the entrance.

With Zee and her gorgeous dress. PS I wasn't as productive with photo-taking as soon as lunch was served.

Zee’s pot which reminded me of Takeshi Murakami daisies.

I love this photo! Zee and Michelle wore the same dress in different colours and both of them totally owned their look. This goes to show you don’t have to worry about someone else wearing the same dress as you if you rock it.

 For lunch, Rochelle, one of the owners, hired a caterer for lunch. Now we are all friends or acquaintances right? Promise not to judge if I tell you I harbor a secret craving for this sort of curry-chicken-and-fried-bee-hoon catering now that it’s more of novelty to me? No matter how you think your tastebuds, there will always be something from your past that brings out the 10 year old TAF-club kid in you (oops, that could be just me).

No curry chicken this time round but I ate my bump's weight in sweet and sour pork.

Who can resist fried wantons dunked in cheapish mayo? Maybe those Hot Bods featured in the Sunday Times fitness column.

I didn't get a manicure as I was too busy chatting but my sister got a really cute cupcake design done. Speaking of cupcakes, my younger sister wanted to make cupcakes for the event and we even ordered some customized fondant from BIY to stick onto the cupcakes; sadly, the icing for the cupcakes didn't quite make it so she decided not to bring them.

Nonetheless, waste not want not, my mum brought the fondant labels and we stuck them all over the mini tarts from Nick Vina Artisan Bakery (

By the way, the tarts were incredible and I loved the thin, buttery tart shell! My sister thought their chewy-shell macarons were pretty good but let’s just say, if I am bursting at the seams and I only had space for one more thing, I would sacrifice comfort for the tarts (yes, plural).

The scones, which were also from Nick Vina Artisan Bakery, were yummy though a tad dry; we took a few of them home, knowing that our lemon curd would take good care of them.


PY said...

You look great. No evidence of the bump at all :) Envious envious of your sis, I want to be a boss too. Congrats to her :)

yixiao said...

thanks py but that's really not the case anymore! feel and walk like a whale that waddles these days ...

Anonymous said...

hello are u able to share ur sister's cupcake recipe? it looks aboslutely delicious!

yixiao said...

aure! here you go

Anonymous said...

Pretty dresses by Zee and Michelle. WHere are they from? :)

yixiao said...

hey dee, not too sure, i'm afraid