Monday, April 30

Housewarming weekend #17

The weekend zipped by (too) quickly but it was sweet while it lasted, especially since we finally made it to Marcus and Zee's new place for a housewarming party.

En route to their place with baked goodies 

Yang and Andrew chilling out post house tour

The incredibly tasteful dining area

Funky lights to top it off

This living room was made for couch potatoing 

The Mister's shoes 

Gifts for the new homeowners 

Prints I made with my newly acquired Photoshop skills 


I made 3 prints out of their pre wedding, wedding and vacation photos. Pretty thrilled with the results.

Diana and Andrew brought a couple of basil plants. Herb garden, I hear you calling. 

My sister baked red velvet (Zee's favourite) and green tea cupcakes, complete with cupcake toppers and a logo which I designed for her and hopefully for her future business venture.

Green tea stuffed with red bean and vanilla buttercream

So effing good. I had always declared myself to NOT be a cupcake person but I'm always eating my words and more when it comes to my sister's cupcakes.

I'm sure Andrew agrees. He made it a point to interrupt our conversation to declare how frickin' good the cupcakes were. 

After downing 3 cupcakes, I really can't blame him. 

Andrew and Diana brought over some goldies but goodies from Delifrance. Can't go wrong with freshly baked puff pastries.

Intense conversation

Pretty cuppa of orange juice

 We sat there chatting and cupcake-stuffing for over 3 hours 

Good times  =)

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