Tuesday, April 3

An open letter to Wild Honey

Dear Wild Honey,

It is with much regret that I announce this in public - I'm so over you.

Don't worry, this ain't some award-winning blog so I doubt you guys will sustain much damage.

It's you, not me.

Honestly, I'm saddened by this short-lived affair as you restored my faith in brunch and breakfast. I was so enamoured by the Sante Fe on my last visit, I persuaded my family to have lunch at your Scott's Square outlet last sunny Sunday.

I wore my sparkling reserved-for-special-occasions pearl necklace for brunch.

Even my unborn child brought along her future favourite black Mary Janes for this occasion!

The wait for the food was horrendous and I'm sure we were not the only ones who complained. Quite frankly, only a Facebook Timeline would sufficiently offer some depth as to how long we had to wait for our food.

The Stephanie’s Steak Sandwich and Aussie were the first to arrive - 45 minutes after we had placed our order. They offered comfort for the growling tummies but not the hungry soul.

Aussie - 120g rib-eye steak on char grilled brioche topped with a fried egg and onion and capsicum confit, sauteed mushrooms, dad's baked beans & breakfast potatoes 

Someone had forgotten to season the steak on the Aussie, resulting in a blend slab of beef; a real pity considering how good the other elements on the plate were.

Stephanie’s Steak Sandwich - 120g grass fed Australian ribeye, shaved onion, beetroot, parmesan cheese, grain mustard and fresh horseradish on toasted ciabatta 

My sister's steak sandwich was a shade off the ideal medium rare and served lukewarm. By now, I was beginning to feel bad about suggesting brunch here.

Santa Fe - Tortillas filled with sharp cheddar cheese and homemade green jalapeño & tomato salsa; topped with a fried egg sunny aide up, sour cream, char grilled corn kernels, avocado, salsa, red onion and tomato 

15 minutes later - about an hour after we had placed our orders, the Sante Fe and Carribean sheepishly made their way to our table. Really, a simple "Sorry for the wait" would have worked wonders and not cost you a thing.

I'm glad the Sante Fe continued to charm in the taste department - even my usually finicky dad enjoyed it. Something to note though: this is the second time I asked for the eggs to be well done and on both occasions, they arrived runny as sinus hell.

Caribbean - Coconut waffles, passionfruit creme, sliced baby bananas & fresh mango, raspberries & toasted coconut flakes 

Mum's Caribbean was one sweet delightful treat. The trio of waffles were coconut-y, crisp and an excellent vehicle for mopping up the passionfruit creme. Crazy scrumptious, especially if you are in the mood for breakfast dessert.

Mexican - breakfast burrito filled with soft scrambled eggs, black beans, breakfast potatoes & fresh salsa with homemade spicy chilli sauce, guacamole & sour cream 

If the long wait was strategically introduced to make us hungrier and order more dishes, it worked. The breakfast burrito stuffed with fluffy scrambled eggs and potatoes was a hearty affair that my insatiable appetite welcomed with open arms. A schmear of tangy sour cream or chunky guacamole easily resulted in many holy mole-y moments.

Oh, almost forgot to mention, the Mexican arrived just in time for desserts (doesn’t this sound like a Cosmopolitan spill-it-all blurb?).

Sour Cherry Strudel 

That hunky dory breakfast burrito was served seconds after our sour cherry strudel, which needed 30 minutes to get from the display cake stand to our table. However, wait aside, the cherry-crammed strudel would be the biggest casualty of our failed relationship. Flaky, tart and absolutely irresistible with a dollap of vanilla bean ice cream... Yes, I'm certain I will miss this.

I'm pretty sure the both of us will get on with our lives and this might not be goodbye forever. I will return if I inherit a truckload of patience though I don't think that's going to happen anytime soon. So dear Wild Honey, you might be "all about beautiful breakfasts" but I’m over you as the wait sure is fugly.



Anonymous said...

seriously, just go upstairs to Jones the Grocer for brunch instead.

Less waiting and less aggro.

yixiao said...

good idea!