Saturday, March 31

The last day of March but a new beginning

Today we were lucky enough to share Gavin and Aizhen's joy by attending their wedding at Shangri La. I might have mentioned this before but I absolutely love attending weddings, especially so after planning one myself.

The soleminzation set-up 

Buckets of roses along the aisle 

The couple with a family friend 

Serious gown envy here 

The beautiful bride 

Sweets for your sweet? 

Happy times ahead

I was the ang bao lady at the tea ceremony and I took my role very seriously - hey, I even dressed for the part. Just kidding.

Well, not really. Being in close proximity with the wedding couple and their elders did mean shoving the black beige Marni dress I had in mind way back into the closet - along with my imaginary Herve Leger dresses.

After trying on 4 dresses that made me look uncomfortably bloated, I finally found a dress that was playful and flirty - adjectives I normally wouldn't use on someone who feels like a baby killer whale these days. Can you tell how pleased I am with this dress? All thanks to my younger sister who very generously loaned it to me! Apart from the dress, I also borrowed her signature SAP (Skinny Arm Post). Don't mind if I do.

Zhu, the very awesome emcee and I

24 weeks down; 16 weeks to go

The food at Shangri La, as usual, was commendable... well, apart from the mooshy ee fu noodles that was kinda off-putting. The appetizers platters is something I have grown to look forward to, especially when more couples opting to have hot food instead of nasty seafood salads; the shark's fin was pretty tasty; the pik tong chicken with almonds was full of basil-y yumminess; and the mango sago dessert was a neat, sweet way to end our meal.

Hope the goodness spills over to the rest of the upcoming week!


PY said...

The dress is gorgeous. You look great *mentally put 2 photos together*

Anonymous said...

Did you hide bb somewhere? =D Where's the tummy?!?

Lisa said...

You get invited to some beautiful weddings.

yixiao said...

thanks PY!

the bump's there, trust me =)

Lisa, thanks to my equally beautiful friends...

Zhu! said...

I love the angpow dress! Verrrry nice!! And yay you managed to take sneaks of the lovely set-up. The wait for the official photos is going to be horrendous.

yixiao said...

i can't wait to see the pro photos too!