Wednesday, March 21

Wild Honey's Sante Fe

Though the Tunisian has served me well, I decided to go for the Sante Fe during brunch at Wild Honey. Sante Fe is the eatery’s take on huevos rancheros, a classic Mexican breakfast dish. To be honest, I didn’t even know where Sante Fe was but now thanks to Wikipedia, I have discovered Sante Fe is the capital of New Mexico - and one less trivia stands in my way if I were to appear on a game show.

Oh my, I might have just found my new favourite breakfast/ brunch stack! Our waiter kindly alerted me that it would be hot and boy, did I dig the tongue-nipping sensation.

Sharp cheddar cheese, and fresh tomato and green japeleno salsa wrapped in warm tortillas; accompanied by two yolk-still-runny fried eggs; topped with fresh tomatoes, shallots and coriander, as well as a smattering of chargrilled corn; a zesty squirt of lime gamely completed the ensemble.

Hearty yet wholesome and refreshing, it was quite the carnival we should be waking up to every Sunday morning.


FN said...

You gotta wash that down with tequila... Then you're talking. Post-baby-delivery only, please.

yixiao said...

HAHA, touche!

Cheryl said...

Hi yixiao,

How's your pregnancy going for you so far?

Just wanna let you know that your blog is amazing and i always read it during lectures (despite making me hungry!), and you're writing style is so unique! :)

I hope you're doing great! Have a nice weekend ahead!


yixiao said...

hi cheryl, you are too kind! i'm doing well as second trimesters are known to be the best time =)
have a fab weekend too!