Monday, February 6

Hong Kong favourites - Tsim Chai Kee and Sang Kee Congee Shop

I could not leave Hong Kong without visiting Tsim Chai Kee and Sang Kee Congee Shop. I am one happy camper once I have had them, no need any other “quintessential Hong Kong experiences.”

Friday lunchtime at Tsim Chai Kee (98 Wellington Street, Central). There was a queue of about 6 people in front of us but we were in and ready to order within 5 minutes; our piping bowls of deliciousness were delivered stunningly quickly as well.

As a consequence of natural selection, I went for all 3 toppings - budding shrimp wanton, silky tender beef and squishy fish meatballs - a combination best for the terribly indecisive and gluttonous. It would be difficult to find something to gripe about unless you need personal space.

The set up at Sang Kee (7-9 Burd Street, Sheung Wan) consists of communal tables and stools. Though not designed for comfort, their congee was another story altogether.

I had the fish belly and sliced beef congee, while kw went for the sliced beef, lean pork and century egg congee. Hearty with generous fillings, Sang Kee’s congee is so smooth and velvety, it easily coats the surface of those crispy, airy you tiao (dough fritters).

Drizzle a little soya sauce and stir in some ginger and spring onion for extra oomph and fragrance. Once you have had this, you would see why many have babbled on about their congee crush.

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