Tuesday, February 7

simplylife BREAD AND WINE, Hong Kong

We first discovered simplylife BREAD AND WINE (1081, IFC, Central), a modern open bakery on this trip and it very quickly became our favourite cafe and pit-stop. Feeling as if we were light years away from the maddening crowds at Starbucks and LGB does count for something after all.

Their mocha was particularly gratifying in a First World filled with countless chocolate-coffee catastrophes.

During tea time, we shared a delectable bread pudding that should be renamed “Spongebob Puddingpants.”

It had a crispy bread topping (now, would that be rye or sourdough?) and a squishy figure that begged to be drenched in vanilla bean custard. We happily obliged, of course.

On Sunday, both Wing Hop Shing and Sang Kee were closed – and I could tell kw wasn’t keen on slumming it out on our last day in Hong Kong. So we happily trooped over to simplylife for breakfast.

Their sandwiches looked really good but due to miscommunication (our fault, not theirs), we had an egg-tremly rich spinach quiche and fluffy bacon and cheese herb bun instead. Both were pleasing; no complaints from us.

I even answered a sudden craving for mixed fruit muesli. I love muesli! It’s one of those things that could easily be prepared at home but I haven’t done so, and instead, it’s become more of a breakfast that reminds me I’m on a vacation =)

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Lisa said...

Sponge bob looks yummy