Friday, February 17

Catching up at Wild Honey

I used to really love the idea of an idyllic brunch, accompanied by pancakes, muffins and eggs; then, the idea of forking out double digits for eggs and toast seemed a little ludicrous and most Eggs Benedict do kind of taste the same after a while.

But sometimes, I do things that surprise even myself.

I had a brunch date with an old reunited-by-Facebook friend Jesse and she asked to meet at a comfortable place so that we could do some serious catching up. I suggested Wild Honey ( as it was well, comfortable and chances are we wouldn’t have to queue on a Tuesday morning. Well, we didn’t but boy was that place buzzing on a weekday morning. Who ever thought breakfast would be such a cash cow?

I had the very exotic-sounding Tunisian, a warm-your-belly tomato stew that was thinly disguised as a dunk pool for the soft, thick-sliced brioche. I loved the chorizo slices and baked eggs, and how it was quite spicy though not habenaro-ly so. How amazing is that? Breakfast stew might not be the first thing I think about when I wake up in the morning but it could very well be the last thing I think about when I go to sleep.

Jesse made it through half her Canadian (pancakes and bacon) before calling it quits. As the wise saying goes, a friend in need in a friend in deed, so I totally carb-binged helped her out by downing the remaining one and a half pancakes. If you have had or seen someone have the pancakes at Wild Honey, you would know that these aren’t floppy discs but thick, spongy pillows. Slap on some tangy, sweet berry compote and maple syrup … these pancakes will wake you up and send you back into food coma when you are done.

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