Friday, January 6

Yuan Chun Famous Lor Mee 源春驰名卤面

Lor Mee was never my thing. As a kid, it was a dark, shady mess that blended into the background while fried char kway teow and chicken rice took centre stage. It was only until I past the age group that gave most parents tons to worry about did I began to acquire a taste for soupy, vinegary things.

Yuan Chun Famous Lor Mee (Amoy Street Food Centre, ##02-123) is pretty darn popular and there are plenty of reminders just in case short term memory strikes. The word 'Fanous' is there right up on their signboard; they proudly occupy two hawker stores; and there is perpetually a queue unless you are there at 11:20am on a weekday like us.

Their lor mee is of the watery, slurpy category, with thicker-than-usual yellow noodles accompanied by smatterings of braised pork belly and crispy chunks of ngo hiang.

Was it the best lor mee I ever had? Hmm, lor mee is something I find hard to rave about. I know what makes a very mediocre bowl but to nail down a kickass bowl? I leave it to the self-proclaimed experts on the Makansutra forum. It was tasty and I would have it again if I didn’t need to queue and the craving strikes.

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