Wednesday, January 18

Slurp up at Sapporo Ramen Miharu

Poor kw. His love for ramen has had to take a backseat ever since we started dating as I'm not overly enamored by ramen. I love instant noodles so the thought of paying for ramen just seems like a doozer to me. However last Sunday, I was feeling uninspired for lunch so he took the reins and led us to his favorite ramen place - Sapporo Ramen Miharu at Gallery Hotel.

Along with our ramen, we ordered a side of shiso gyoza. These gyozas at Miharu were pretty interesting. Within the thin skin, the minced shiso leaf offers a minty, sprightly flavour that livens up the fatty minced pork.

Kw's Miso Tonkutsu was something to take note of. Now, I'm not kidding when I say you can't help but take note of it; the aroma of roasted garlic just grabs your nostrils and oesopheus like a virus strain. Deadly stuff.

I was wary of anything too salty so I got the Tokusen Ton Shio. Oh my gaw-, it was crazy eat-my-words good. I have only ever loved the milky broth of Tampopo's signature black pig ramen but this, oh, this was a different ball game altogether. It was rich and yes, porky but not overwhelming so. Truly a gut-opening experience.

The thin and tender char siew offers a quick respite from the rich, unctuous broth and slurping action but it's not the star of the show; I didn't think it was bland since there was so much going on with the broth and noodles.

The noodles, which were imported from Nishiyama, were impeccable. Thick, chewy and unruly; in other words: bloody satisfying.

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