Monday, January 16

Weekend #3

How was your weekend? Mine was rather eventful.

Lunch was a simple affair at Sushi Tei and instead of my usual grilled salmon head, I tried the Hokke Mackerel, which was from their seasonal menu. It was less oily than your average grilled mackerel and the skin was leathery as opposed to crisp. Mental note to self: I love mackerel but I hate the post-meal breath and burps.

The next rest of my Saturday seemed like a deja vu of last week's with desserts at Canele. Our usual go-to sweet crepe, the Nougatine has been renamed to Flower By The Sea. This must be part of the post-Pang rebrand but it's rather cheesy in a ching chong way isn't it? Sounds like something right out of the River Hongbao Festival or Chinggay Parade.

With more than half my family overseas, kw and I took my dad (who was on self-imposed pug patrol duty) out to Auntie Kim's. I really look forward to Korean food these days as my palate craves for more intense flavours. Naturally we had the kimchi fried rice again. I'm so glad Dad who tried it for the first time liked it very much too - funny how some of us still crave for the slightest bit of our parental approval even after we are all grown up and about to start families of our own.

Before dinner, we went to Chinatown to soak in the atmosphere and get Chinese New Year decorations. The area was thankfully not as crowded as I thought it would be and it was a very productive afternoon for us.

I'm seriously looking forward to Chinese New Year. I am thrilled to report my aunt who usually bakes cookies for us didn't forget about me this year. And my serious love for her flower butter cookies. See that tub on the right? I have single-handedly down tubs of these flower butter cookies in a single sitting. Those babies just melt in your mouth - hey, it's not my fault they make themselves so easily demolishable (Is there even such a word? Well, I guess there is now).

For someone who gets ridiculously sleepy after 7pm, I had a helluva time at Mark and Yunwen's annual Beer Fest.

The pop quiz trivia they organised was so much fun and I spent a good part of my Sunday morning thinking about when we should plan our trivia party. However, the game and my dismal encylopedia of general knowledge did make me realise I would probably embarress myself on national TV if I were ever embushed.

Can you believe I tried Miharu for the first time? Goodness gracious, it was gooood. More on it soon!

Squeezed in a little retail therapy too - blame it on the darn heatwave. I'm pretty much a tote person on a day-to-day basis but I wanted something smaller and daintier to carry around for Chinese New Year. Though I have always had a soft soft for Furla, I decided to go cheap and chic with a Charles & Keith retro-looking handbag. Plus I love the colour - coral. Be good Hun, you will look great next to all the Chanels and Pradas at our family gatherings.


Lisa said...

Love the handbag. CNY must be good in Singapore.

bisou said...

Thanks Lisa. It's definitely something to look forward to here!